For the freedom and peace of mind of your teams and families
For the satisfaction and wellbeing of your residents


puce Traceability is at the heart of our organisation


  • All laundry is identified with the name of the resident and the establishment.
  • Information about specific items (type, condition, treatment...) is recorded in our database.
  • All cleaning cycles are recorded. Each item is tracked individually
  • The Customer Space allows you to access this information 24 hours a day, and track your service in detail


puce Hygiene is central to our approach


  • Bulle de Linge guarantees the microbiological quality of laundry and therefore protects your residents and staff.
  • The risk analysis and biocontamination control system (RABC) was assessed and deemed to comply with the requirements of standard EN 14065 (certificate of compliance issued by Bureau Veritas Certification).


puce Quality is a core concern


  • The laundry programmes (washing, drying) carefully consider the type of clothes (fibres and colours)
  • Laundry is folded and ironed by hand
  • Delicate items (wool) are handled separately
  • Laundry is returned in packets for each resident, ordered to make it easier to deliver them to rooms


puce Service is a key commitment


  • Our network of production sites ensures we can offer a local service
  • Frequent and regular trips to your establishment to collect dirty laundry and deliver clean laundry
    all year round, without interruptions
  • The Bulle de Linge Customer Service Department maintains a close relationship and is available at any time to form a real partnership with each residence.
  • Bulle de Linge assists the establishment - notably by training staff - to organise the resident laundry service
  • Billing is monthly, clearly explained and adjusted to respond to your financial constraints
  • Service commitments are listed in a Charter between the resident, establishment and Bulle de Linge


puce We care about sustainable development


  • Clear social responsibility: creation of local jobs (over 500 jobs created in 11 years), initial and ongoing training, employment of disabled workers, friendly and respectful working conditions
  • Controlled production: quality control of wastewater, controlling and reducing energy consumption through the implementation of technological innovations, development of recycling
  • Optimised logistics: delivery vehicles are restricted and replaced every 3 years, distribution agents are made aware of eco-driving styles and delivery rounds are studied to limit the environmental impact



Whether you are an establishment for the elderly, disabled residents

or even a nursery, we have a solution adapted to your needs and we can offer

a comprehensive service.


We can also launder:


  • bathroom linen: bath towels, flannels...
  • kitchen linen: tablecloths, serviettes, bibs...
  • household linen: blankets, quilts, pillows, curtains, drapes...
  • cleaning linen: dishcloths, mops...